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Luft Responds to Budget Address

Pekin, IL – Pekin Mayor Mark Luft, Republican candidate for the 91st District of the Illinois House of Representatives, issued a statement following the governor’s budget address:

“Currently Illinois finds itself backlogged in more than $7 billion worth of bills. Yet, today, we are hearing about spending even more money we don’t have. What we need is a sound plan that will not negatively impact working families to pay off our debts, balance our budget, and get us on the right trajectory toward fiscal solvency.

“Instead, Illinoisans remain frustrated as they watch Springfield politicians leave town week after week without putting forward fiscally responsible measures to clean up this mess. Both parties must work together to create growth and truly balance the budget.”

Mark is an Army veteran who has dedicated his life to serving his community, state and country. A lifelong resident of Pekin, Mark has devoted his career to improving the economic well-being of the city for families and businesses. Mark continues to serve proudly as Mayor of Pekin. He and his wife Lelonie have five children.